How to take the SLD data home with you

These instruction tell you how to get make a copy of the SLD data on 8mm tapes that you can take back to your home institution and read using IDA. Figure out what data you actually want, and then look in the appropriate DATACAT files to figure out how many cartridges worth of data that is. For the remainer of this note we will assume you want to copy the data identified in the datacat as GREATDATA.

Go to Radio Shack and buy some 8mm tapes. You can fit (roughly) 10 cartridges worth of data onto one 8mm tape.

The 8mm drives are in room Y131 on the first floor of the central Lab annex (approximately under the library). This room contains the SLDA1 alpha and two 8mm drives labelled SLDA1$MUB0 and SLDA1$MUB100. It also contains a tape stacker. Try the stacker first. Here are instructions for using it. If it is not operational, choose one of the individual tape drives and place your 8mm tape in it (we assume you are using SLDA1$MUB0 here).

You can log onto SLDA1 using your SLACVX username and password.

Now you need to write a simple command file to copy the data using is an example of a suitable .COM file. Note that the .COM file first labels the 8mm tape, here we are using a lable of MYTAPE, you can use any 6-letter label you like (but remember it as you will need to know the label when you come to read the data).

$ define intape slda1$mub0 $ mount/foreign intape $ run disk$sld_usr0:[tonyj.vaxtap]einit_tv MYTAPE $ ida def copy write using inlist rectype * enddef rectype event copy rectype other copy opentape read GREATDATA open write intape:MYTAPE.filename;1 ! substitute a good name in place of "filename" go 0 If you want to copy more than one set of data onto the 8mm tape you can continue with: close infile close outfile opentape read MOREGREATDATA open write intape:MYTAPE.filename;2 ! substitute another name in place of "filename" go 0 Now you are ready to submit this .COM file as a batch job, use the following command (we assume you called your .COM file COPY.COM). submit/notify/noprint/char=(cart,slda1)/queue=sld_short COPY.COM If you experience any problems following these instructions, please let me know.