New Features of the SLACVX batch system

A number of new/improved features have been introduced to the SLACVX batch system this week. Details are given below.
  1. Batch jobs which require tape must now be submitted with /CHAR=CART specified on the SUBMIT command.

    Failure to do so will result in the following message, followed by termination of your job.

        %CART-F-NOCART You must specify the batch characteristic CART when using tapes.
    (Implemented by Greg Rogers, please contact him if you have problems).
  2. Full tape access now available from the ALPHA machines SLDA1 and SCSA2. The 8mm tape drives attached to this machine are also ready for use. The instructions on how to copy data to 8mm tape available through WorldWide Web have been updated to recommend using SLDA1 for tape copying.
  3. The new hi-speed BATQ command created by David Williams has been made the default on both the VAX and ALPHA. This command has a number of additional options over those supported by the old command, e.g.
          BATQ                     shows all jobs
          BATQ/USER=USHER          shows all of Tracy's jobs
          BATQ/PENDING             only shows pending jobs
          BATQ/IGNORE=SLDPENDING   ignores those zillions of SLDMCM pending jobs
          BATQ/CLASS=X             show all jobs in class X
  4. New accounting procedures are now in place to keep track of who is using which batch resources, so beware, you may be being watched! The results of the accounting will be made available through WWW in due course.
TonyJ 17 June 1994