Instructions for the Backup 2D Event Display

Certain very rare events can make it impossible to launch the 2D and 3D event displays normally used in the SLD Data Assembly Room. These include loss of IP address name service and loss of the entire network connection to SCS.

The 3D event display cannot survive these conditions since it relies heavily on SCS central resources (RAVEL is a centrally managed Unix machine).

The 2D event display can be run without any SCS resources by following the recipe below.

The usual display of raw data from the event multiplexor pool will appear on the SLDU7 workstation.

Alternate displays are also available, and you can have more than one displaying on different windows on SLDU7 at the same time.

These instructions were generated from http://SLDB1.SLAC.STANFORD.EDU/sldwww/dsp/BACKUPDSP.HTML
Joseph Perl
24 September 1997