2D Event Display for the CEH DAR

The 2D event display in the SLD Data Assembly Room is started from the RTH workstation.

From the Session Manager, pull down the menu "Run_Time_Offline" and select "START_RAWDSP44".

A terminal window should eventually appear on workstation SLDU7, located above he main console. When the IDA procedure has loaded and initialized, a display window will appear over it.

Certain very rare events can make it impossible to launch the 2D and 3D event displays normally used in the SLD Data Assembly Room. These include loss of IP address name service and loss of the entire network connection to SCS.

A 2D Event Display can still be run under most such conditions. See the Instructions for the Backup 2D Event Display.

These instructions were generated from http://SLDB1.SLAC.STANFORD.EDU/sldwww/dsp/DAR2DDSP.HTML
Joseph Perl
7 October 1997