How to create a DUCS section

If you are not the DUCS czar its easy, just send a note to the DUCS czar, currently Gary Bower.

If you arethe DUCS czar, then you have problems. Proceed as follows:

Step 1

Decide whether the section needs to exist on both VM and VMS, or just one or the other. Also decide if it needs to be distributed outside of SLAC. If the section needs to exist on VM then you need to decide what minidisk the DEV section will live on. It can

Step 2

Add the new entries to the DUCSNAME DEFINE file, in section UDUC. Note that there is only one version of this file, for both VM and VMS, and that it always lives in PROD. You need to:
  1. Change the comment
  2. Add an entry for the new section to the list of sections near the top of the file.
  3. Add an entry for PROD and DEV sections on both VAX and VM (if appropriate). Model your neew entries on the copious examples already in the file. Note that for the DEV VM entry you must use the nickname of the (new) disk as the entry.
Now install the command back into PROD using the TODUCS command.

Step 3

Create the directories on VMS and VM (as appropriate). To do this log on to SLACVX and issue these commands:

Step 4

If the section is not to go to all nodes (the default), then log on to the SLDTEST machine on SLACVM and edit the SITE DATABASE file. The format is (hopefully) transparent.

Step 5

Don't forget to authorize at least one person as a STAFF member for this section.