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The DUCS Archive System

For the Archivist

Implementation Details: ducs_arch full axp_source=... vax_source=...

This form of the command will be used only in rare circumstances. In fact, no use is anticipated once the archive system is up and running. Just the same, it seemed like a good option to include (i.e., it was trivial to implement).

The command works like ducs_arch full, creating a new major version, but its source can be something other than the current DUCS.

The source should be specified as a top level DUCS directory. For example, if the directory $usr0:[fred.axp_code] contained a full set of alpha DUCS subdirectories, and the directory $usr0:[fred.vax_code] contained a full set of vax DUCS subdirectories, one could have:

ducs_arch full axp_source='$usr0:[fred.axp_code]' vax_source='$usr0:[fred.vax_code]'

When the archive database was first being set up, this version of the command was used to measure the sizes of old DUCS versions. This was done just by running in test mode and setting the source directories appropriately.

For example, to measure version 12.1:

ducs_arch test full axp_source='disk$sld_arc_axp:[version_12_1]' vax_source='disk$sld_arc_vax:[version_12_1]'

Joseph Perl
18 February 1997