SLD Bug Submission Form

This facility uses the Gnu bug reporting program Gnats. You use this form to submit a bug report which is automatically sent, via email, and stored in a database. Those responsible for maintaining the various software modules are automatically notified as is the Gnats Czar, Karl Young. It is the responsibility of the maintainer to inform the submitter of any current fixes for the bug and any progress made on resolving the problem.

To file a bug report fill in the following fields as completely as possible. When the field must be filled in with one of a number of choices, the choices are enumerated.

When you have filled out all the fields as completely as possible select the "Send Bug Report" button below. If you wish to cancel the bug report select the "Cancel" button. The report will not be sent if you have failed to enter at least your email adress and a one line synopsis of the problem.

You may also directly query the Gnats database via the Web.

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  1. sw-bug.
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  3. change-request.
  4. support.

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