Using the HP Printers from SLACVX and Unix

The printer queues for HP printers on SLACVX have been modified to use DEC's printing software, instead of Multinet's. The affected queues are HPSLD, HPCLA1, HPCLA2 and HPCEH0, and these print both Postscript and portrait text, selecting the correct mode automatically. There is also a Postscript and landscape text queue for each printer named HPSLDL, etc. The HPSLD printer has a duplexing unit and is set to do two-sided printing by default. The redundant queues named HPSLD_PS, HPSLD_PORT, etc have been eliminated.

The new printing software allows the specification of various options such as one-sided output or multiple pages on a sheet. For details on how to specify these options, use the HELP PRINT_PARAM command. One very new feature that is not documented was designed for those of you who miss bar-line paper. Specify /PARAM=DATA_TYPE=LIST on a text file to see the effect.

How to specify duplexing and paper tray options from Unix are described in the document /usr/local/scs/doc/how-to-use/hplaserjet.

Owen Saxton
20 October 1995