IDA3 Conversion for SLD: Handypak to HBOOK Conversion Task List

This is a document Perl wrote in 1993 detailing what would be involved in converting user code from Handypak to HBOOK. It is presented here mainly for its value as a snapshot of what Handypak functions SLD was actually using as of 1993.

Major Rewrites to a Small Number of Routines

The following small number of routines would require major rewrites:

Minor Rewrites to a Very Large Number of Routines

A search for the string "CALL H" in all PREP* and MORTRAN* files on the PROD disk revealed that the following minor changes would be needed to a large number of routines:

Other Minor Rewrites

The same search revealed the following other special cases of minor changes being needed:
Joseph Perl
16 March 1995