SLD DRAFT Publications

The following documents are DRAFT publications intended only for SLD internal use and for use by conference raporteurs. See also Recent SLD Conference Papers.

Draft Heavy Flavor Conference Papers for EPS-97 at Jerusalem

List of SLD EPS-97 Heavy Flavor Abstracts

rb.psEPS-118 PA07A Preliminary Measurement of Rb using the Upgrade SLD Vertex Detector
rc.psEPS-120 PA07A Preliminary Measurement of Rc with the SLD Detector
abjetq.psEPS-122 PA07Measurement of Ab at the Z0 resonance using a Jet-Charge Technique
abktag.psEPS-123 PA07Measurement of Ab from left-right forward-backward asymmetry in Z0 decays using charged kaon tagging
abaclep.psEPS-124 PA07Measurement of Ab and Ac at the Z0 using a lepton tag
ac_kvert.psEPS-126 PA07A Preliminary Inclusive Measurement of Ac using the SLD Detector
blife.psEPS-127 PA05Measurement of the B+ and B0 lifetimes from semileptonic and inclusive B decays.

Related Draft publication

rbprl.psSLAC-PUB-7481A Measurement of Rb using a Vertex Mass Tag

QCD Conference Papers for LP-97 and EPS-97 of the B Hadron Energy Distribution in Z0 Decays Tests in Polarized Z0 Decays to b anti-b g of Pi+-,K+-,K0,K*0,Phi,P and Lambda0 in Hadronic Z0 Decays Preliminary Study of the Structure of b anti-b g Events using Z0 Decays Preliminary Improved Test of the Flavor Independence of Strong Interactions Measurement of Prompt D+- and D*+- Meson Production and D*+- Spin Alignment in Hadronic Z0 Decays

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