Author(s): The SLD Collaboration
Presenting author: Tracy Usher
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Title of the presentation: An Improved Study of the Structure of b\bar{b}g Events
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Session of 1st preference: 1-Hard High Energy QCD and Structure Functions
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The structure of three-jet b\bar{b}g events has been studied using hadronic Z^0 decays recorded in the SLD experiment at SLAC. Three-jet final states were selected and the CCD-based vertex detector was used to identify two of the jets as b/bbar; the remaining jet in each event was tagged as a gluon jet. Distributions of the gluon energy and polar angle with respect to the electron beam were used to test the predictions of perturbative QCD. These distributions are also sensitive to an anomalous chromomagnetic moment at the b-bbar-g vertex. We compare our data with theoretical predictions and place limits on the value of such a moment at the few percent level.