Author(s): The SLD Collaboration
Presenting author: Tracy Usher
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Title of the presentation: A Study of Correlations Between Identified Charged Hadrons in Hadronic Z0 decays
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Session of 1st preference: 1-Hard High Energy QCD and Structure Functions
Session of 2nd preference: 2-Soft Interactions, Hadronic Structure and Diffraction
We present preliminary results of a study of correlations in rapidity between pairs of identified charged pions, kaons and protons in the SLD data. Details of short-range charge correlations between all combinations of these hadron species are used to test the locality of quantum number conservation in various hadronization models. Long-range correlations in light-flavor (u-ubar, d-dbar, s-sbar) events provide similarly stringent tests of the models' predictions for leading particle production. The SLC electron beam polarization is used to tag the quark hemisphere in each event, allowing the first study of rapidities signed relative to the quark (vs. antiquark) direction. Distributions of ordered, signed rapidity differences provide new probes of the fragmentation process, including the first direct observation of baryon number ordering along the q->qbar axis, and several new model tests.