Author(s): The SLD Collaboration
Presenting author: Tracy Usher
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Title of the presentation: Charm Counting in B Decays Via Topological Vertexing
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Session of 1st preference: 4-Heavy Flavor
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We present a new and unique measurement of the branching fractions of b hadrons to states with 0, 1, and 2 open charm hadrons, using a sample of 350,000 Z's collected during the SLD/SLC 97-98 run. The analysis takes advantage of the excellent vertexing resolution of the VXD3, a pixel-based CCD vertex detector, which allows the separation of B and cascade D decay vertices. Analysis of the decay length distributions for each of the 1-, 2-, and 3-secondary-vertex topologies allows the extraction of the inclusive branching ratios $BR(b \rightarrow 0D)$ and $BR(b \rightarrow 2D)$ with statistical errors of less than 0.015.