Author(s): SLD collaboration
Presenting author: Julia Thom
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Title of the presentation: Studies of Bs Mixing at SLD
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Session of 1st preference: 4-Heavy Flavor
Session of 2nd preference: 5-Test of the Standard Model
We report several studies of the time dependence of Bs mixing using a sample of 400,000 hadronic Z decays collected by the SLD experiment at the SLC. The analyses take advantage of the excellent vertexing efficiency and resolution of the pixel-based CCD Vertex Detector. All analyses determine the B flavor at production by exploiting the large forward-backward asymmetry of polarized Z->bb decays and using additional information from the hemisphere opposite that of the reconstructed B decay. Four separate analyses are presented. Two analyses select semileptonic B decays and two analyses reconstruct inclusive B decays. The analyses are combined to set a lower limit on the Bs mixing oscillation frequency with a sensitivity comparable to that of the current world average.