Author(s): The SLD Collaboration
Presenting author: Tracy Usher
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Title of the presentation: Weak mixing angle results from SLD
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Session of 1st preference: 5-Test of the Standard Model
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The SLD collaboration has measured the left-right polarization asymmetry in Z boson production (ALR) from a sample of hadronic Z decays, and has measured the left-right-forward-backward asymmetries in a sample of Z decays to lepton pairs. (PRL, 84, 5945, 2000 and PRL, 86, 1162, 2001). The data are consistent with lepton universality, and assuming this we combine the results to derive a value of the effective weak mixing angle of sinSQTHeff = 0.23098+-0.00026. With this result, a fit to the Standard Model (SM), using the measured top quark mass, Z mass, strong coupling constant, G_Fermi, and the value of alpha(Mz**2) recently reported by Burkhardt and Pietrzyk (LAPP-EXP 2001-03, February 2001) results in a 95% (99%) confidence level upper bound on the SM Higgs Boson of 132 GeV (205 GeV).