Joseph Perl's Famous SGI Event Display Demonstration

The following instructions should enable anyone who has basic familiarity with the SGI and the SLD Event Display to give a passable version of Joe's famous SLD Event Display demonstration (as seen by hundreds).

Instructions taped to the table next to the SGI can refresh you on details of how to cold start the SGI. Assuming you have the SGI up and running, proceed as follows.

Get onto an Alpha (will work on VAX, but Alpha is faster).

A raw data display should appear. The data file used contains only a single event.

After you have explored the raw data (being sure to zoom into the amazing SLD Vertex Detector), type the following to add Recon information to the display. Type the following directly into the UG window (typed text appears at the bottom of the display):

Go on to another canned data file to show a variety of other events by typing:

This second data set contains only RECON data, no RAW data. You will therefore no longer see any of the RAW data display objects.

The canned data sample contains about twenty events.

Crash Insurance

If the display crashes (it hasn't crashed for me in some time), it will take way too long to reinitialize this IDA job. Therefore, protect yourself by running the first two steps in another Alpha window.

If the display crashes, you then just need to

Joseph Perl
2 August 1995