Converting from BUILD and SANECTRL to Using Shareables

SLD users are encouraged to run their VMS jobs by using shareables. Shareables are subsets of the SLD code that have essentially been linked in advance. The old way to run SLD jobs on VMS was to set up a CETI BUILD file, and then BLD, LINK and RUN. The LINK stage took a long long time. With shareables, you don't need it.

To run SLD code from shareables:

That's it. One command and you're off and running. A simple IDA job is started from shareables. Then, as you type further commands, additional code is loaded as needed.

The catch with shareables comes when you wish to mix your own code into the job. In the old CETI BUILD or VM SANECTRL systems, you simply filled the names of your new routines into the menus. Under the shareables system, you must first turn your new code into a shareable.

Before you try to convert your own job to using shareables, you should work through the simple example job given in the SLD Offline Users Workbook Section, Compile, Link and Run. Pay particular attention to the section titled "Is Your Account Correctly Configured?, then do the example compile, link and run.

Then follow the conversion method outlined below. If your job is complicated, you may also need to refer to the more detailed Workbook section on using shareables, OPT and VEC Files.

Converting from BUILD or SANECTRL to using Shareables

A typical BUILD or SANECTRL file has three sections,

Notes follow on how to convert each of these three sections to shareables use. Then some comments are provided regarding interactive or batch running.

Converting the BUILD Section

The BUILD section is delimited by the strings BUILD_BEGIN and BUILD_END. It controls what code will be loaded to run your job.

Converting the SANE Section

The SANE section is delimited by the strings SANE_BEGIN and SANE_END. It controls what code will be loaded to run your job.

Converting the IDA Section

The IDA section is delimited by the strings IDA_BEGIN and IDA_END. It specifies the set of IDA commands that will be executed when your job begins.

Converting the MORTRAN Section

The MORTRAN section is delimited by the strings MORTRAN_BEGIN and MORTRAN_END. It specifies more code that is to be compiled and included in your job.

Running the Converted Code Interactively

Running the Converted Code From Batch

Create a file of filetype .COM. Put the following lines into that .COM file.

To run the batch job, issue the command

SUBMIT/QUEUE=queue_name your_com_file_name

Output files will be written to your login directory unless otherwise specified.

See the document The SLACVX Batch system for details on SLACVX batch queue names.

Joseph Perl
20 September 1995