The SLD SLACVX Cluster "How To Fix" -- opcom page


If opcom (i.e., the reply command) isn't working on a node, e.g.,
$ repl/ena
%OPCOM-W-NOOPCOM, the request was not sent, the OPCOM process is not running
It can be restarted it as follows:
$ sho sys/proccess=opcom
OpenVMS V6.2  on node SLACVX  25-MAR-1996 10:44:41.84  Uptime  27 22:21:26
  Pid    Process Name    State  Pri      I/O       CPU       Page flts  Pages
27C0A81A OPCOM           HIB      6      331   0 00:00:00.30       383    103
$ stop /id=27C0A81A
$ @sys$system:startup opcom

TonyJ and Mike Wendling
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