How to Fix the SLD Staging System

Here are some tips on how to fix the staging system in case things go wrong.
  1. Check the status of files queued to be staged by clicking here.

    There are two sections to the output, the second section has one entry for each outstanding stage file request. The first section shows the WORKER jobs for each TAPE that is staging. These jobs should be pending or executing. If there are missing WORKER jobs (i.e. a request to stage file from tape xxxxxx exists but there is no corresponding WORKER_xxxxxx job) you can start the missing jobs by logging on as SLDSTAGE and typing:

  2. You can see view the staging systen LOG files by clicking here.

    This allows you to see a chronological list of all staging file requests, and in the case of failures allows you to link to the correct log file. This is the best way to try to diagnose problems.

  3. Look at the files on the staging disk by clicking here.

    This shows all the files on disk, and the space used. You will occasionally see files listed as "error". This indicates some problem occured during staging.

    Should the database become totally corrupted somehow it can be rebuild by logging on as SLDSTAGE and issuing the command:

    but this should ONLY be done when there are no staging jobs running or queued (see above).

    Notice that to see the special SLDMCM area instead on the default staging are you must first redefine the STAGE$DIR logical name, as is done in SLDMCM's LOGIN.COM

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