The Monte Carlo Farm Tape Staging System

STGSERVE is a server which stages data on VM and then transfers the data to VMS using NFSmount. The server is designed to work with the Monte Carlo Farm only. STGSERVE is not designed for general use. Please use the VMS Staging system instead.

The client code is STAGE.C and CARTCMD.PREPMORT located in DUCSCART on VMS, and the server code is STGSERVE EXEC located on the SLDSTAGE VM account.

How it Works:

The opentape command is intercepted and routed through STAGE.C. The client then sends the tape request to STGSERVE on VM. The server stages the tape and returns the address of the disk to STAGE.C, which in turn mounts the disk using NFSmount and the returned address.

The STGSERVE server should always be running in a disconnected state. If there appears to be a problem with the server, perform the following steps.