Access to the SLD Tape Database

An ORACLE database is used as the basis of the tape management system for SLD. The following commands are used to control access to SLD tapes, and can be used from both the VAX and VM machines.
Distributes tapes to "users" provided the "users" have been entered in the database as SLD personnel.
Will allow the "owner" of a cartridge to return a cartridge to the pool of "free" (available for use) cartridges.
Will return information on tape from the database.
Will transfer ownership of a tape to another SLD user.
Will allow tape_owner to change the comment of the tape.
Will list out all tapes of a specified user either on screen or in a file. Default is to list user's tapes.
Tapes are accessed from IDA using the OPENTAPE command. Also see the SLD user tape Policy.
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