If you are using tapes belonging to someone who has left SLD, you should send EMail to KAREN stating what tapes you are using so that they will not be returned to the free_tape_pool.

A user can prevent tapes that they own, but have not used within the last year, from being returned to the free_tape_pool by sending a request (EMail) to Karen to preserve the tapes. Tape volser's and brief reasons stating why the tapes need to be retained MUST accompany the request. The tape comment (owners provides this when they acquire a tape), must also reflect the data that is currently on the tape. (Users can change the comment for the tapes they own via the NEWCOM command.)

Tape(s) that meet this criteria will be moved from the silo to SCS library racks and marked as a "DO NOT RECYCLE" tape. They will remain NON-RECYCLABLE until six months after a member leaves the collaboration. At that time, Non-recyclable tapes will also be returned to the free tape pool, UNLESS the tapes need to be retained for 'historical purposes'. It is the tapeowner's responsibility to indicate this prior to his/her departure from the collaboration.

A secondary pool of SCRATCH tapes is available for SLD members. Scratch tapes are intended to be _temporary_ tapes only. They will be assigned to a user for a period of 14 days. At the end of the 14 days, the tapes(s) will be automatically returned to the scratch pool.

Along with the new scratch pool comes a new system for managing long term User Tapes. Tapes that have been identified will be immediately subject to the new user tape management system. Identified user tapes in the silo that have not been used in six months will be moved to racks. User_Tapes on racks that have not been used within the last year and have not been requested to be returned to the silo by the tapeowner OR have not been requested to be a "Non-recyclable" tape will be returned to the free_tape_pool There are several tape utility programs to help members manage their user tapes. Use the tapes usage help for more information. Hopefully, these measures will provide a steady supply of long term tapes for SLD members.

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