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Help on the WebTables System

The WebTables System provides access to data from various Oracle tables containing SLD and SLC Information.

The system also provides easy access non-Oracle information such as the Statistics, Histograms and Event Display files generated in the course of SLD's Offline Processing.

You can use the WebTables System in one of four ways:

Using the Simple Interface to Plots and Tables
provides easy access to the most commonly used plots and tables
Using the Advanced Interface to Plots and Tables
provides the most flexible way to define plots and tables
Resubmission from the Form that Wraps Each Plot and Table
lets you make minor changes and then resubmit the request
Bookmarking Your Favorite Plots and Tables
lets you take a shortcut to the information you prefer
Constructing Plot and Table URLs by Hand

Though the examples used in this help file show the SLC CATER tables, the instructions apply equally well to the SLD Run Information and other tables.

Joseph Perl and The Run Information Group
Last Updated: 10 September 1997