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COLMATH.EXE - the Column Math Engine

This is the Column Math Engine called by WTINTERMED.COM, the Intermediate Exec. It is currently able to handle division and Poisson errors. It could eventually be expanded to handle other math functions.

Characters in flagstr have the following function:

read a value from the input data file
read another value from the input data file and divide the previous value by this value
write out the result with no rounding (handle the data as a string if the sequence was o*, as a real number if the string was od*).
write out the result rounded to this accuracy (handle the data as a real number)
output the Poisson error of the previous result

For example, the flag string "o*od3o2p" means

Columns of data for which no operation needs to be performed are handled as strings, written back out just as then came in. This allows a simplified program flow for INTERMED.COM. All of the data it needs is present in the output of the Column Math Engine.

Modifications to COLMATH.C can be tested by recompiling and relinking COLMATH.C and then calling it from COLTEST.COM (located in the same directory).
Like all of the executables called by WTINTERMED.COM, COLMATH comes in two flavors, Alpha and Vax.

Joseph Perl
3 October 1997