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Maintaining the SLD WebTables System

To Debug a COM File Running on the WWW-SLD Web Server

Debug output from execs such as WTFORMREAD.COM, the Interface Form Reading Exec and WTINTERMED.COM, the Intermediate Exec, can be read from the WWW-SLD Web Server's log files.

Put SET VERIFY into the COM file.

The process name will be prefixed by:

To see what processes are running under the server:

  show sys/net/node=slacax
  show sys/net/node=sldb4
Issue this command as the server is working. One of these processes will show activity.

Immediately after the server is done, kill the process with the command:

If you don't kill the process, it will be kept for reuse by other web work. While it is the wait state it will be renamed with the prefix:
It is OK to kill any or all of these processes. The server automatically restarts them as needed.

Immediately after killing the process,

The latest of these log files will be the one from the server just killed. If you killed the right process, your debug output will be there.

Be sure to turn off the SET VERIFY when you are done. Too much debug output can cause the servers to run out of disk space.

Joseph Perl
3 October 1997