Workbook for SLD Offline Users - Bug Handling

SLD users a bug tracking system called GNATS to keep track of bugs. A WorldWide Web interface allows all SLD users to query the state of known bugs and to submit reports of bugs.

Querying the State of Known Bugs

To query the state of a known bug, use the interface provided in SLD's WorldWide Web system. You can find it near the top of the SLD software page.

Each bug is given a unique Gnats-Id and responsibility is assigned to a given person based on the problem category.

Submitting a Bug Report

Before submitting a bug report, use the query system mentioned above to see if the bug has already been reported. If the bug seems to be something not yet reported, submit a report using the interface provided in SLD's WorldWide Web system.

Some time late in the twenty-third Century, the system will be so automated that it will automatically fix the bug, rerun your job, publish the resutling paper and forward a Nobel prize to your holographic mail address. For now, the system is a little bit slower. The more complete your bug report, the higher the chance that someone will actually be able to fix the problem.

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Joseph Perl
4 January 1995