Workbook for SLD Offline Users - First Day: X and Web

Start an X session

Start an X session if one is not already started. How you do this depends on the particular terminal or workstation you are using.

World Wide Web

To access the hypertext network known as World Wide Web, you need to run some kind of World Wide Web Browser. Examples of World Wide Web Browsers are xmosaic, midaswww and netscape. There are a number of methods of doing this, depending on your X session, what software you have licensed and your taste.

From the file menu of the World Wide Web window, select OPEN DOCUMENT and supply the document address

You should then see this document. Highlighted parts of the document are hypertext links. Click on them to see a related document. Click on the Go Back button to return to the previous document. You will be told more about World Wide Web later. But for now, you have enough to avoid needing a paper hard copy of any further parts of this Users Workbook. Even if you do have a hard copy, you should resist the temptation to use it. As the SLD software changes over time, only the World Wide Web view of this workbook will stay up to date.

Joseph Perl
17 February 1995