Workbook for SLD Offline Users - Project

Most SLD offline users find themselves managing a number of separate analysis projects at any given time.

Each project may require a different combination of:

A system has been created to keep track of these various settings for distinct projects. The system uses a command called PROJECT.

The syntax for the PROJECT command is as follows:

The PROJECT command has a corresponding new command to take care of all compiling and linking. This new command is called EXPEDITE. It replaces old commands such as PREPMORT, COMPILE, MAKESHR and ACTION.


To begin using the system, type the command:
   PROJECT NEW project_name
The project name can be any string. It is just a name you will use to refer to this project in the future.

If you leave off the name, you will be prompted for one.

The project system will then create two files in your login directory.

The project system will also redefine a number of standard symbols such as DUCS and IDA such that these commands now pass through the PROJECT system.


Though it should not be necessary in a typical session, you can turn off the PROJECT system by typing:
This restores all of the special symbols, such as DUCS and IDA, that were redefined by the PROJECT system. It restores the symbols to whatever values they had before you began the current project.


To restore the settings saved for a given project, type the command:
   PROJECT RESTORE project_name
If you leave off the name, you will be shown a list of projects currently defined for your account (it lists all of the .PROJECT files found in your login directory).

When you restore a project,


To get information about what project, if any, is currently active:


To get a list of all projects currently defined your account:
The system lists all of the .PROJECT files found in your login directory.


You can store comments in the currently active project file by typing:
   PROJECT COMMENT comment_text
These comments will appear in subsequent PROJECT LIST or PROJECT QUERY commands.


If you really want to, you can type:
But it doesn't do anything. All saving is done automatically as you work. When you change your DUCS settings, the PROJECT system saves the new settings. When you create a new shareable, the name of its SETUP_COM file is saved. And so forth.


If you want to create a new project and have that new project start off using the saved settings of a previous project, type:
   PROJECT COPY old_project_name new_project_name
The old project file will be copied to a new project file. The corresponding file of saved DUCS settings will also be copied, and the new project file will point to the new file of saved DUCS settings.

You can then further develop either project without affecting the other project.

Running a Job Managed by PROJECT

When it comes time to run a job, whether from batch mode or interactive mode, there is no need to issue any DUCS settings, no need to set a default directory and no need to run any SETUP_COM files.

Just issue a single PROJECT RESTORE command.

Thus, a .COM file to submit as a batch job would just need:

   $ PROJECT RESTORE project_name
   $ IDA
   and some IDA code

Remember to include a CHAR=VAX or CHAR=ALPHA option in your SUBMIT command. This is necessary to make the job run on the same kind of machine that you compiled and linked your code on.

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Joseph Perl
13 September 1995