Recent SLD Conference Papers

The following documents are recently submitted conference papers from the SLD collaboration. See also the SLD Publications page.

Contributed Papers for ICHEP-96 at Warsaw

blifelept.psblifelept.pdfPA05-084Measurements of the B+ and B0 Lifetimes from the Semileptonic Decays at SLD
blifetopv.psblifetopv.pdfPA05-085Measurements of the B+ and B0 Lifetimes with Topological Vertexting at SLD
sldlasym.pssldlasym.pdfPA07-063Measurement of the Z0-Lepton Couplings Asymmetries Al
taulif.pstaulif.pdfPA07-064Updated Measurement of the Tau Lifetime at SLD
taulorentz.pstaulorentz.pdfPA07-065/066Tau Lorentz Structure with Polarization at SLD
bdmixslinc.psbdmixslinc.pdfPA08-026AMeasurement of Time-Dependent B0d-B0d Mixing Using Inclusive Semileptonic Decays
bdmixslvtx.psbdmixslvtx.pdfPA08-026BMeasurement of Time-dependent B0d-B0d Mixing Using Topology and Charge Selected Semi-Leptonic B Decays
bdmixkadi.psbdmixkadi.pdfPA08-027/028Measurements of Time-Dependent B0d-B0d Mixing Using Kaon and Charge Dipole Tags
ablepton.psPA10-026Measurement of Ab and Ac at the Z0 Resonance Using a Lepton Tag

Other Papers

zvnimr.pszvnimr.pdfNIM paper on topological vertexing package ZVTOP by Dave Jackson

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