SLD Summer 2000 Conference Papers and Talks

Conference papers contributed ICHEP 2000, Osaka, Japan (website)

Title Author Abstract Paper
Direct Measurement of Ab at the Z0 Pole Using a Lepton Tag Giulia Bellodi abaclepton.txt
Improved Measurement of Ab using Jet-Charge Technique at SLD Victor Serbo abjetcharge.txt  
Direct Measurements of Ab and Ac using Vertex/Kaon Charge at SLD Tom Wright abackaon.txt    (PS)
Measurement of Ac with Charmed Mesons at SLD Masako Iwasaki acdstard.txt (PS)
Rb, Rc Nicolo DeGroot rbrc.txt  
B-decay Charm Counting Via Topological Vertexing Aaron Chou bddx.txt        (PS)
Bs - Bs-bar Mixing Studies at SLD Stephane Willocq bsdipole.txt       
Preliminary Measurement of the Time Dependence of B_d-B(bar)_d Mixing Using Kaon Tagging Jodi Wittlin bdmix.txt  
Symmetry tests in polarised Z0 decays to b bbar g Takashi Maruyama sympolz0.txt (PS)
Studies of b fragmentation in Z0 decays Danning Dong fragz0.txt (PS)
Measurement of the probability for gluon splitting into b bbar in Z0 decays Toshi Abe splitgluon.txt (PS)
A study of the structure of e+e- -> b bbar g events and limits on the anomalous chromomagnetic moment of the b quark Hidemi Akimoto bchromo.txt (PS)
Studies of charged pi, K and p/pbar in hadronic Z0 decays Hyejoo Kang pikpbarp.txt (PS)
A direct measurement of the parity-violating coupling of the Z0 to strange quarks Hermann Staengle strangeq.txt (PS)
A study of correlations between identified charged hadrons in Z0 decays Dave Muller correlz0.txt (PS)
A High-Precision Measurement of the Left-Right Z Boson Cross-Section Asymmetry Peter Rowson ALR.txt  
An Improved Direct Measurement of Leptonic Coupling Asymmetries with Polarized Z0's Toshi Abe lepasym.txt  


Conference papers contributed DPF 2000, Columbus, Ohio (website)


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