SLD Summer 1997 Conference Papers

The following documents are recently submitted conference papers from the SLD collaboration. See also the SLD Publications page.

Heavy Flavor Conference Papers for EPS-97 at Jerusalem

List of SLD EPS-97 Heavy Flavor Abstracts

rb.psEPS-118 PA07 A Preliminary Measurement of Rb using the Upgrade SLD Vertex Detector
SLAC-PUB-7585 fig1 fig2 fig3 fig4 fig5
rc.psEPS-120 PA07 A Preliminary Measurement of Rc with the SLD Detector
SLAC-PUB-7594 fig1 fig2
abjetq.psEPS-122 PA07 Measurement of Ab at the Z0 resonance using a Jet-Charge Technique
SLAC-PUB-7629 fig1 fig2 fig3 fig4 fig5 fig6
abktag.psEPS-123 PA07 Measurement of Ab from left-right forward-backward asymmetry in Z0 decays using charged kaon tagging
SLAC-PUB-7630 fig1 fig2 fig3 fig4 fig5 fig6
abaclep.psEPS-124 PA07 Measurement of Ab and Ac at the Z0 using a lepton tag
SLAC-PUB-7637 fig1a fig1b fig2
ac_kvert.psEPS-126 PA07 A Preliminary Inclusive Measurement of Ac using the SLD Detector
SLAC-PUB-7595 fig1
blife.psEPS-127 PA05 Measurement of the B+ and B0 lifetimes from semileptonic and inclusive B decays
SLAC-PUB-7635 fig1 fig2 fig3 fig4

Related Publication

rbprl.psSLAC-PUB-7481A Measurement of Rb using a Vertex Mass Tag

QCD Conference Papers for LP-97 and EPS-97 of the B Hadron Energy Distribution in Z0 Decays Tests in Polarized Z0 Decays to b anti-b g of Pi+-,K+-,K0,K*0,Phi,P and Lambda0 in Hadronic Z0 Decays Preliminary Study of the Structure of b anti-b g Events using Z0 Decays Preliminary Improved Test of the Flavor Independence of Strong Interactions Measurement of Prompt D+- and D*+- Meson Production and D*+- Spin Alignment in Hadronic Z0 Decays

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