SLD Summer 1998 Conference Papers and Talks

The following documents are recently submitted conference papers from the SLD collaboration. See also the SLD Publications page.

Conference papers contributed to ICHEP98 in Vancouver

An Improved Direct Measurement of Leptonic Coupling Asymmetries with Polarized Z's slac-pub-7878 ICHEP-362 PA01
Measurement of Ab at the Z0 resonance using a Jet-Charge Technique slac-pub-7886 ICHEP-179 PA01
An Improved Inclusive Measurement of Ac using the SLD Detector slac-pub-7879ICHEP-175 PA01
A Preliminary Direct Measurement of the Parity Violating Coupling of the Z0 to Strange Quarks, As slac-pub-7825 ICHEP-183 PA01
A Measurement of Rc with the SLD Detector slac-pub-7880 ICHEP-174 PA01
Measurement of the B+ and B0 Lifetimes Using Topological Vertexing at SLD slac-pub-7868 ICHEP-180 PA08
Time Dependent B0s - B0s-bar Mixing Using Inclusive and Semileptonic B Decays at SLD slac-pub-7885 ICHEP-181 PA08
Inclusive Search for b -> sg slac-pub-7896 ICHEP-183 PA07
A Preliminary Improved Measurement of the B Hadron Energy Distribution in Z0 Decays slac-pub-7826 ICHEP-261 PA03
A Preliminary Study of the Structure of b b-bar g Events using Z0 Decays slac-pub-7822 ICHEP-257 PA03
Symmetry Tests in Polarized Z0 Decays to b b-bar g slac-pub-7823 ICHEP-258 PA03
An Improved Test of the Flavor Independence of Strong Interactions slac-pub-7660 ICHEP-253 PA03
Production of pi+, K+, K0, K*0, phi, p and Lambda in Hadronic Z0 Decays slac-pub-7766 ICHEP-256 PA03
A Study of Correlations Between Identified Charged Hadrons in Hadronic Z0 Decays slac-pub-7824 ICHEP-259 PA03

Talks presented at ICHEP98 in Vancouver

Measurements of ALR and Alepton from SLD K. Baird Talk 101 (pdf) Talk 101 (ps)
Measurements of Quark Coupling Asymmetries at the SLD S. Fahey Talk 107 (pdf) Talk 107 (ps)
Tests of QCD using Heavy Flavors D. Muller Talk 302 (pdf) Talk 302 (ps)(*)
Heavy-quark Mass Effects and Improved Tests of the Flavour-Independence of alphas P. Burrows Talk 311 (pdf) Talk 311 (ps)
B+, B0 and b-baryon Lifetimes S. Willocq Talk 801 (pdf) Talk 801 (ps)
Charmless and Double-Charm B Decays at SLD M. Daoudi Talk 817 (pdf) Talk 817 (ps)
(*) Postscript file is missing 3 pages (PDF is complete).

NOTE: PDF files are black & white scanned versions of the talks from the ICHEP98 web site. Postscript (ps) files have higher quality and are in color.

Stéphane Willocq
Last modified: 17 August 1998