SLD Summer 1999 Conference Papers and Talks

The following documents are recently submitted conference papers from the SLD collaboration. See also the SLD Publications page.

Conference papers contributed to EPS99, Tampere, Finland (PDF or PostScript Format)

Title Abstract Full Text (PDF or PS)
New Measurement of Ab at the Z0 resonance using a Vertex-Charge Technique EPS Ref 6-473 slac-pub-8201 (PDF)
Direct Measurement of Ab using Charged Kaons at the SLD Detector EPS Ref 6-473 slac-pub-8200 (PDF)
Combined SLD Measurement of Ab using Various Techniques EPS Ref 6-473 slac-pub-8211 (PS)
Direct Measurement of Ac using Inclusive Charm Tagging at the SLD Detector EPS Ref 6-474 slac-pub-8199 (PDF)
Measurement of Ac with Charmed Mesons at SLD EPS Ref 6-474 slac-pub-8195 (PDF)
A Preliminary Direct Measurement of the Parity Violating Coupling of the Z0 to Strange Quarks, As EPS Ref 6-165 slac-pub-8154 (PDF)
Measurement of the B+ and B0 Lifetimes Using Topological Vertexing at SLD EPS Ref 5-477 slac-pub-8206 (PS)
Measurement of the b-quark Fragmentation Function in Z0 Decays EPS Ref 1-185 slac-pub-8153 (PDF)
A Study of the Structure of b b-bar g Events and Improved Limits on Anomalous Chromomagnetic Coupling of the b-quark EPS Ref 1-182 slac-pub-8155 (PDF)
Symmetry Tests in Polarized Z0 Decays to b b-bar g EPS Ref 1-183 slac-pub-8156 (PDF)
Production of pi+, K+, and p in Hadronic Z0 Decays EPS Ref 1-186 slac-pub-8159 (PDF)
A Study of Correlations Between Identified Charged Hadrons in Hadronic Z0 Decays EPS Ref 1-187 slac-pub-8160 (PDF)
Measurement of the Probability for Gluon Splitting into b b-bar in Z0 Decays EPS Ref 1-184 slac-pub-8157 (PDF)

Talks presented at EPS99 in Tampere (PDF or PostScript Format)

NOTE: Some of these are "raw" scanned PS/PDF files (~2Mb each) from the conference and some are are the actual electronic versions from the authors (generally smaller and cleaner). No warranties are offered or implied.

For a complete listing of talks, see also the EPS99 scanned transparencies page.

Anomalies in the quark-gluon coupling (bbg) P. Burrows Parallel Session 1 (Raw PDF)
Hadronization Properties of Quark and Antiquark Jets D. Muller Parallel Session 1 (PS)
B-Bbar Oscillations D. Jackson Parallel Session 5 (Raw PDF)
Rare B Decays at SLD and CDF P. Reinertsen Parallel Session 5 (PS)
Electroweak Precision Measurements with Leptons J. Brau Parallel Session 6 (PDF)
Measurements of Quark Coupling Asymmetries at the Z0 S. Fahey Parallel Session 6 (PDF)

Talks presented at other conferences (PostScript Format)

B-Bbar Mixing Results M. Daoudi Heavy Flavor Symposium #8, Southampton
Recent QCD Results from SLD D. Muller QCD99, Montpellier

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