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Polarimetry related publications

W. Bugg et al.. The QFC polarimeter : Background Problem.
SLD-NOTE-255 (May 1997).
D. Onoprienko. Effect of scattering material in the neutral beam line on the asymmetry measured by the Cherenkov Compton polarimeter.
SLD-NOTE-254 (February 1997).
M. Woods. The polarized electron beam for the SLAC Linear Collider.
SLAC-PUB-7320 (1996).
M. Woods. The scanning Compton polarimeter for the SLD experiment.
SLAC-PUB-7319 (1996).
M. Woods. Polarization at SLAC.
SLAC-PUB-6694, January 1995. 17 pp. Presented at the 11th International Symposium on High Energy Spin Physics and the 8th International Symposium on Polarization Phenomena in Nuclear Physics (SPIN 94), Bloomington, IN, 15-22 September 1994.
Morris Swartz Observation of Target Electron Momentum Effects in Single Arm Moller Polarimetry.
SLAC-PUB-6467, December 1994. 29 pp.
Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A363 (1995) , 526
E-print Achive: hep-ex/9412006.
SLD Collaboration. Precise Measurement of the Left-Right Cross-Section Asymmetry in Z Boson Production by E+ E- Collisions.
Physical Review Letters 73:25-29, 1994.
E-print Achive: hep-ex/9410009.
F.-J. Decker, J. T. Seeman. Luminosity Polarization Correlation in the SLC.
SLAC-PUB (1994).
P. Emma, T. Limberg, R. Rossmanith. Depolarization in the SLC Collider Arcs.
SLAC-PUB (1994).
SLD Collaboration. First Measurement of the Left-Right Cross-Section Asymmetry in Z Boson Production by E+ E- Collisions.
Physical Review Letters 70:2515-2520, 1993.
Morris Swartz. Physics with Polarized Electron Beams
SLAC-PUB-4656, June 1988. 100 pp. Presented at SLAC Summer Inst. on Particle Physics, Stanford, CA, August 10-21, 1987. Published in SLAC Summer Inst. 1987:83 (QCD 161:S76:1987)

Relevant SLD notes

G. Menegatti, M. J. Fero. Measurements of the linearity of the Compton Cherenkov electronics.
SLD Note 247 (1996).
M. Woods et al. Compton Laser Analysis for the 94/95 SLD Run.
SLD Note 246 (1996).
T. Junk. The 17Hz problem in 1994 Data.
SLD Note 245 (1995).
F.-J. Decker et al. Arc Spin Transport Studies.
SLD Note 238 (1994).
A. Lath, D. Freytag. Compton Analysis: LeCroy Model 2249W ADC Linearity Study.
SLD Note 237 (1994).
A. Lath, M. Woods. Compton Laser Analysis: Determination of Polarization and Systematic Errors.
SLD Note 236 (1994).
M. Fero et al. Compton Polarimeter Current Asymmetry Test Results.
SLD Note 232 (1993).
P.C. Rowson, M. Zolotorev. Absolute Handedness of Circular Light: Finding the Slow Axis of a Quarter-wave Plate.
SLD Note 216 (1992).


T.R. Junk.
SLAC-REPORT-476 (1995)
A. Lath.
SLAC-REPORT-454 (1994)
R. C. King.
SLAC-REPORT-452 (1994)
R. D. Elia.
SLAC-REPORT-429 (1994)