The SLD SLACVX Cluster

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The VAX usage policy is a useful introduction to using the SLACVX cluster. It contains information about which nodes to log into, how to use the SLD batch and staging systems and general hints for successful use of the VAX cluster.

Vital Statistics

Approx. 1800 SpecInts
220GB Disk
, mainly used for data storage

72 GB Input Staging
9 GB Output Staging

Monitoring the cluster


VMS Bookreader Books The complete VMS documentation set is now available through the web
Help Files
General VMS help Help on VMS commands, compilers, functions etc.
Multinet TCPIP for VMS, including FTP, TELNET, FINGER etc.
PMDF Mail delivery facility
SLAC utilities General purpose SLAC written utilities.
SLD help files Help on miscellaneous SLD defined VMS commands
SLD subroutines Help on SLD subroutines
IDA commands Help on IDA (SLD's Interactive Data Analysis system) commands
CERNLIB Help on utilities from some place called CERN


The SLACVX system manager is Mike Wendling, whose home page contains a bunch of useful links.

The SLACVX cluster always works perfectly of course, but just in case it doesn't here is a place to keep a list of problems. Also, here's a list of past problems and their solutions. There is now also a newer how-to-fix page.

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