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The DUCS Archive System

For the Archivist, the unix rexx script: ducs_arch

The archivist works from the DUCS account on any of the SLAC central unix VESTA machines. By logging on in this manner, one gets the privileges for the necessary database work and remote shell logins.

All console activity in this account is logged to disk (the .login file initiates this with a call to the unix script command). To quit work in this account, first type "exit" to end the script session, then log out as usual. The script output is left in the top level DUCS directory with a filename formed from the date and time of the session's start. For example, a session from 12 February was logged to disk as the file: 11:28:18_12_Feb_97.

All archive actions are performed via the command ducs_arch located in the unix DUCS account's home directory. This rexx script performs remote shell logins to the DUCS accounts on the various vms hosts. The actual vms work of measuring, copying, restoring and deleting files is then performed by the command file

To assist in debugging, runs with verify set on. The results can be found in the ducs_arch unix account's home directory under names such as SLACAX_AXP.LOG. If no problems are encountered, the LOG file is reused by the next remote shell process.

Command Syntax

Click on the relevant syntax diagram to see implementation details.

Any of the above forms can also include the following parameters:

Parameters may be specified in any order.

The archivist is prompted for any required parameters that are missing from the command line.

Implementation Details

Joseph Perl
24 September 1997