Introduction to the SLD Collaboration

The SLD collaboration consists of about 150 physicists (see group photo) from many Universities and Laboratories who have built, maintain and analyse data from the SLD detector at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).

See also the SLD Mission Statement

What SLD's ALR measurement says about the Higgs particle

The SLD Detector

The SLD Detector (see diagram) makes use of the unique capabilities of the Stanford Linear Collider (SLC) to perform studies of polarized Z particles produced in collisions between electrons and positrons. A longer description of the SLD detector gives more details. The SLD Event Pictures Collection shows computer generated pictures of a number of Z particle decays as reconstructed by the SLD detector.

Other SLD Pages of Interest

SLD Publications

gives a list of Publications and Conference Talks by the SLD Collaboration

SLD Images Collection

contains popular figures, plots and event pictures from the SLD Collaboration
A separate main SLD page is aimed primarily at SLD collaborators
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