The SLD SLACVX Cluster "How To Fix" page

This page is aimed primarily at operators and managers of the SLACVX cluster. It describes common problems and how to fix them. If you are a user of the SLACVX cluster and feel you have discovered a problem please use the following mechanism to report it:

You may want to review the SLACVX system logs to see if some automated process has already discovered the problem you have found, and whether someone has already been paged.

Reporting Problems

Non-Urgent problems with SLD Software

Please report these problems using the SLD Problem Tracking System

Non-Urgent problems with the system software or operation

Send mail to This is a mailing list which will send you mail to everyone responsible for managing the cluster. Problems are normally only dealt with during business hours however, so if your problem is urgent read on...

Urgent Operational problems with the SLACVX cluster
(including the SLD Batch and Staging systems)

Please call the SCS HELP line at 926 HELP. Please report the symptoms of the problem as fully as possible. Remember that the same help line is used for reporting problems with Unix systems and Networking problems, so be sure to make it clear that your problem concerns the SLACVX cluster.

This number works 24 hours a day, and will cause an operator to be automatically paged outside of normal business hours. Your problem will then be routed to the appropriate person to be fixed.

How To Fix...

The SLD Batch System

under development

The SLD Staging System

See the Staging How To Fix Page

The Tape Silo System (DCSC)

The Setup System

The Opcom Process

The SLDTMS Tape Management System Servers

RAVEL's Dial Box

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