Workbook for SLD Offline Users

Purpose of this document

This document is intended to introduce members of the SLD collaboration to the world of SLD offline analysis. The information is presented in the form of a workbook. Imagine the world of SLD offline software as a workshop full of tools. This workbook has the user pick up each tool in turn, do something simple and useful with that tool, and then put that tool down and move on to the next. This is a structured course. The exercises should be completed in the order presented in order to insure that the user knows enough to use each tool when that tool is presented.

The average new user should require about two weeks to complete this course. The user will be handling real SLD data and doing real SLD analysis tasks throughout this time. Just by the end of the first day, the user can expect to have examined, histogrammed and made event displays from real data. Upon completion of this workbook, the user will have handled all of the most significant tools in the SLD software workshop. The user will not be an expert with any of these tools, but will have a good idea of how the various tools interrelate and will be in a good position to consult detailed reference manuals as needed.

To use this workbook, the user is expected to have access to an X terminal capable of running World Wide Web and networked to a VMS computer that is running SLD software. The user is expected to display the workbook itself in one or more windows using World Wide Web and to have a VMS session in another window. This workbook should be consulted online, not through a hard copy. The examples will have to change with time and hard copies can not be kept up to date. Only the first few steps, describing how to use World Wide Web and VMS will be distributed as hard copies.

What follows is a detailed table of contents with hypertext links to main body of the workbook.

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A One Day Tour of the SLD Offline World

Information Resources

Handling Files on VMS


The Data

The Tape System

Batch Processing

IDA Structure

IDA Continued

IDA Processors

Writing Code

Compile, Link and Run

OPT and VEC Files


A Project Management System

MIDAS: the Motif Interactive Data Analysis System


Bug Handling

Help Wanted

Two more sections of this Workbook are still being written.

The Monte Carlo


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Joseph Perl
13 November 1996