SLD Summer 2001 Conference Papers and Talks

Conference papers contributed EPS 2001, Budapest, Hungary (website)

Title Author Abstract Paper
Measurement of A_b and A_c with Leptons from Semileptonic Decay with the SLD Bruce Schumm eps_800  
Measurement of A_b using a Jet-Charge Technique at SLD Victor Serbo eps_671  
Direct Measurements of Ab and Ac using Vertex/Kaon Charge at SLD Tom Wright eps_794   
Measurement of Rb and Rc at SLD Nicolo DeGroot eps_672  
Weak mixing angle results from SLD Peter Rowson eps_831  
Charm Counting in B Decays Via Topological Vertexing Aaron Chou eps_674  
Studies of Bs Mixing at SLD Julia Thom eps_118  
B-Bbar Energy Correlations in Z^0->bb Decays Dave Muller eps_666 pub8892
An Improved Study of the Structure of b\bar{b}g Events Dave Muller eps_667 pub8891
A Study of Correlations Between Identified Charged Hadrons in Hadronic Z0 decays Dave Muller eps_668 pub8900
Improved Measurement of the Probability for Gluon Splitting into b-bbar in Z^0 Decays Dave Muller eps_669 pub8737
Production of pi^+-, K^+-, p and p-bar in Quark, Antiquark and Gluon Jets Dave Muller eps_670 pub8899
An improved measurement of b-quark fragmentation function in Z^0 decays at SLD Dave Muller eps_673 pub8892

Talks presented at EPS01 in Budapest, Hungary (PDF or PostScript Format)

For a complete listing of talks, see also the EPS01 scanned transparencies page.

Fragmentation in e+ and e- D. Muller Parallel Session 2 (PS)
Studies of Bs and Bd mixing at SLD J. Thom Parallel Session 4 
Electroweak Results at SLD V. Serbo     Parallel Session 5 

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